"When Irene began explaining how BodyTalk works at my very first session, I silently thought, "This mumbo jumbo will never work!"  After the session though, I felt rejuvenated.

Three sessions later my sciatic pain and migraines had completely disappeared and a year later I had stopped taking 90% of all my chronic medication. The anger I previously felt was replaced by spring blossom happiness.

BodyTalk accomplished what medication, physiotherapy and psychotherapy could not. Irene's tapping has positively changed my physical and emotional well being."



"One of my life events has been that my family’s health has not been good, mainly due to surgery. At the same time I was feeling overwhelmed and very emotional for most of the time.

BodyTalk helped me to understand the link between how my body was working and reacting in relation to what was happening in my life, and my BodyTalk sessions helped my body to repair itself using its own natural abilities. This in turn has helped me to cope better with the events in my life."



"I feel that BodyTalk has done so much for me that I find it difficult to put it all into words.

BodyTalk has given me the tools to quiet my mind in those crazy moments, to just center myself through tapping my cortices. BodyTalk has helped me to understand myself better when events, people and situations around me triggered previously unmanageable emotions inside me.

Being able to put everything into perspective and understand my reaction, as well as the reactions of others, has given me the platform to deal with even deeper issues that I have always left buried because I couldn't handle dealing with them.

Balancing my body and energy has made dealing with issues a lot easier, making me more open to acknowledging things that I need to work on and giving me the patience and will to work on myself, allowing me to grow and move forward as a mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend and most importantly, a woman!

Body Talk has enabled me to embrace my journey so far, and look forward with excitement to what lies ahead on my journey - whether it is good, bad, easy or difficult. I am truly grateful for this amazing form of healing and the gem I have found in Irene."



"I'm an old hand at, and firm believer in, alternative therapies and have been going for sessions for over 20 years. Irene however is a breath of fresh air. She really looks at you as a person, taking the time to understand who you are and what you need as an individual.

I have gone to a lot of healers, practicing a lot of different modalities, and I would recommend Irene above anyone else I have ever been to.

Her distance sessions are really the best and she's always willing to work on out of the norm, more spiritual level stuff with me - even when it's outside the bounds of traditional BodyTalk.

If you are looking for a practitioner you can stick with, who will truly support you on a difficult spiritual journey, then the Universe and your intuition have sent you to the right person with Irene."



BodyTalk & Reiki for Animals


"It is so interesting to see the way my horse behaves when receiving a Reiki or BodyTalk session. He goes quiet and seems to stand there with a strange look of bliss in his half-closed eyes. Of course, my cats behave as if they are in heaven when they receive a session."



Energy Balancing of Space


"After ameliorating the negative energy lines found on my property and balancing my own home through removing certain items found to be negative, and ameliorating detrimental other energies found, people who enter my home remark at how peaceful and pleasant my home is."



"We have had so many positive results after your visit and the correction of the energy fields at our place. Thank you again."



"Since you harmonized my bedroom I’m sleeping like a tranquillized animal. It’s like recharging my batteries when I am in there. Thanks a bunch."



"It is not often that we are inspired to recommend practitioners for obvious reasons. We moved into a rental property last month and wanted to harmonize the subtle energies on the property.

We were guided to Ian Graupner who energetic harmonizing of space and specializes in identifying detrimental earth energy lines that cause illness, disharmony, etc. What an experience it has been!

The results have been almost miraculous in an incredibly short space of time.

We have always tried to abide by the principles of Feng Shui in the past but have never recorded such a gigantic transformation of a physical space as has been physically evident with Ian's harmonizing work!

So if you would like to harmonize your home or office for optimal energy efficiency which has positive effects on health, relationships, finance among other things, contact Ian asap and you will not be disappointed!"



"I was exhausted, had been for some time and was struggling to recovery from surgery. I had not slept in my bedroom for years, preferring to sleep in the lounge.

Ian found detrimental earth energy lines running through all the beds in the bedrooms and also through the lounge, close to where I slept on the couch.

He said the energy in the lounge, however, was toxic as the EMF from the TV and other electronic items present would be resonating with the earth energy lines and although I was not sleeping directly on the line this was why I was still struggling with my health.

The work done on the energy lines by Ian and the harmonizing of the electronic items in the lounge had amazing results.

My rate of recovery from the surgery increased dramatically and my energy levels rose significantly in just a few days.

To be honest, as an engineer, I was a little skeptical of his approach but I cannot argue with the results. Thanks Ian."



"Sleeping MUCH better since the miracles you did at our place. My daughter's overall health is also much better. Can never thank you enough."



"Wow! Thanks for the energy work done on the property. It has been an awesome week of donations and positive actions."