Richard Ian Graupner

Richard Ian Graupner

BSc Eng (Chemical), Pr Eng

A Professional Chemical Engineer by trade, Ian began his journey into the healing arts over two decades ago.

Deeply fascinated by the arts and techniques utilized by ancient civilizations to live in harmony with their environments, Ian has come to understand how the subtle energies around us impact our overall well being, prosperity and health. 

Through his on-the-ground knowledge and certifications in various fields, Ian now assists clients in balancing their subtle energy environments and mitigating the impact of industrialized and negative energy spaces, as well as the stresses of modern life. 

Ian holds qualifications such as:

  • Reiki Master
  • Subtle Energy Evaluator
  • Advanced Level practitioner - BioGeometry
  • BodyTalk Practitioner

In addition, Ian works actively as a Coach and Mentor, assisting both personal and executive clients in properly evaluating their life and purpose, aligning with their passions, achieving their goals and reaching the full capacity of their potential for greatness.

Ian is committed to helping clients work in harmony with the Earth and their environments, ensuring that any and all negative forces that are impacting them are mitigated so that they can truly live their lives and health to the fullest.

Ian is a published author of the fictional story - Would our legacy survive?, which explores what would happen to civilization after a global tragedy and how we can live lives that are more in tune with our environment.

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