Energy of space clearing

Energy of space clearing

The impact of energy of space

You wouldn't think that items such as furniture arrangement, shapes, colors, symbols and objects can influence your energy and leave you feeling unsettled or out of sync - but it happens.

If you've ever walked into a room and just immediately felt uncomfortable, then you've experienced a very acute version of this. On a more subtle level - which many of us sadly aren't attuned to - it can chip away at your energy, little by little, impacting you over a longer period of time.

Like the frog that will sit in water while it's being heated and slowly boil to death, we also sometimes don't notice changes that happen in the environment because they've fallen into the background noise of things we don't want to see... you know, like that old couch that you don't really know where else to put?

Over time, the negative energy manifests as symptoms such as constant or excessive tiredness, headaches, excessive illness, irritability and just things in general going wrong for you.

We are able to assess all these factors that exert local influence, as well as those proximity items adjacent to the space, finding the optimum balance for your particular energy needs and mitigating negative influences that could be draining or overexciting your energy system.

At present, we generally need to transmute the effects of environmental energy disturbances from sources such as electromagnetic radiation, structural design, décor, ornaments, and earth energy radiation to name a few. The principles and solutions utilized would not seem foreign to our ancestors who understood and used these principles daily.

Understanding energy of space

Here are a few questions of the type we need to ask ourselves when we wish to purchase anything to place in our home.

Asking these questions will assist you in opening your ‘gut feeling’ and allow you to ‘feel’ whether the item will be beneficial or perhaps detrimental to you.

Trust your instinct:

  • Was the object fabricated in a decent environment, with happy employees who were well treated, or was the person who worked on that item angry? What energy imprint was left on the item as a result?
  • What frame of mind was the artist that sculpted your favorite artwork in when he or she worked on the piece? What energy does the piece carry as a result?
  • Are there any symbols utilized on objects such as ornaments or papyrus paintings? Are these subconsciously reinforcing a negative thought pattern or energy?

Energy of space will look at harmonizing any space requested and may highlight any specific energy aspect found where it is deemed necessary. The harmonizing will look at the space holistically. If you have a specific item (or items) you wish assessed energetically then this is possible as a separate exercise which we will quote you on request.

What to expect from a session

We will either visit the space in question or ask that you send, per room:

  • Photos of each wall in the room
  • Up close shots of all photographs, artwork and patterns
  • If possible, a panoramic view of the room, using your smartphone
  • Views from any windows

Please mark all images clearly.

Suggestions will be made to remove and rearrange furniture and elements and sometimes even adjust items like color balance.

Once you've received our written feedback, you are at liberty to decide to action any of the improvement suggestions made.

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We are based in South Africa

We are based in Benoni, in the east of Johannesburg in South Africa. Pricing in dollars simply allows us to create a safe and easy PayPal payment gateway for our international and distance clients to use when booking sessions.

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