Earth energy lines

Earth energy lines

The impact of negative energy lines

If you experience difficulties with constant or excessive tiredness, ongoing headaches, excessive bouts of illness, irritability, a sense of something not being right and even stuff that just constantly goes wrong, you could be experiencing the results of a detrimental energy line.

The easiest way to to mitigate the effects of this Geopathic Stress is to remove yourself from that problematic line, or if that's not possible, to reduce the impact of the line.

What to expect from a session

Sessions can be conducted both in person, with a trip to the location, or by means of a photograph.

  • When providing a photograph, please also find your exact location on Google Maps and send the Google Maps link to us.
    • Use this link if you don't know how get a Google Maps link and need help.
  • Where possible, please provide GPS coordinates.
  • An aerial photograph of the property, which can also be obtained from Google Maps in most cases.

Written feedback and instructions will be provided so that you can take action to mitigate the impact of detrimental lines.

Understanding energy lines

For decades now, civilizations have made use of the Earth's energy lines to enhance their own abilities and attract health, prosperity and harmony.

The Earth, like every living entity, has an energetic field, almost like an aura. In the case of a planet though, that aura is comprised of a number of different energy grids, all crisscrossing and intersecting each other.

  • Ley lines are the most commonly known. Many places of worship and other landmark buildings around the world are built along ley lines.
  • Curry lines run diagonal to the North-South Axis of the poles and form a grid.
  • Hartman lines run North-South and East-West in a grid formation.
  • Schuman waves are beneficial electromagnetic waves that oscillate between earth and certain layers in the atmosphere. Metal reinforcing, like you find in concrete buildings, can interfere with these waves.
  • Benker grids are 3D cubes, roughly 10m in diameter. These energy grids can rise to 10m or more and can pose a health hazard if your bed or desk lie on one of them.
  • Black lines can be curved, straight, ground level or higher and are similar to 'Sha', the negative energy referred to in Feng Shui.

Where these lines intersect and meet they enhance, degrade or neutralize one another's energy, creating peaks and troughs of energy that can impact you postiviely or negatively, on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level.


DolmenDolmens, such as you'll find in Ireland, were placed over beneficial crossings or vortexes to enhance the energy of that area.

It is believed that these areas were used for regeneration and healing. Even today, in fact, many hunters will tell you of places wild animals frequent when they need healing from injuries.

Investigations into a few of these areas have shown them to have strong positive energies.

Obelisks & Menhirs

ObeliskLike the Lateran Obelisk in Vatican City, the Washington Monument is also placed on a power point that connects with energy sources in the atmosphere, e.g. Schuman Waves.

Even in our modern age, this connection is seen to be so important in Washington that no building may closely approach the Washington Monument in height.

When you consider the high cost of real estate in the city, and the natural drive towards high rise developments to meet growing population needs, surely it seems odd that they'd have building height limitations in a city as populated as Washington?

Vatican City

Vatican CityThis next image shows the distinctive shape of the Vatican.

The Vatican forefathers utilized the natural energy lines and crossings to create the distinctive keyhole shape of St Peter's Square and all the key aspects of the buildings were very carefully placed to maximize the beneficial aspects of this location.



WashingtonIn Washington beneficial energy lines and crossings were utilized in determining the placement of the White House, Pentagon, the Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial, and other buildings deemed important.




For more information

If you'd like to learn more, please read Earth Radiation by Kathe Bachler or Geopathic Stress by Jane Thurnell-Read.

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