Soul Plans for Understanding Your Life Purpose

Soul Plans for Understanding Your Life Purpose

Soul Plans for Understanding Your Life Purpose is an emailable report that gives you insight into your past and future, strengths and weaknesses and the tools and talents you have.

Before we're even born, we choose a life that gives us the best opportunities and challenges to learn and grow the aspects of ourselves we wish to improve.

Because we don't remember these choices consciously though, we often struggle through life, feeling like we're being hit by a constant bombardment of bad luck, obstacles and challenges, and are often unable to find the key element we should be working on to release the rut we sometimes find ourselves in.

Understand your Soul Plan & Life Purpose

Understanding the choices you made, the tools you have and the challenges you face can give you insight into:

  • Challenges and areas of challenge that will keep presenting themselves to you over this lifetime
  • Tools and talents you carry inherently
  • Goals you set yourself for this lifetime
  • Suitable careers and areas of study
  • Positive and negative factors influencing your relationships
  • Potential health, wellness and vitality challenges you may face
  • Potentially limiting beliefs

What can you expect when ordering a Soul Plan?

Once we've received your payment and the information detailed below, we'll send you a personalized written report within seven business days.

What information do we require from you?

  • Your full birth name
    • If you were adopted and your name was changed within a few weeks of birth, then your adopted name applies
    • If your name was changed later in life then please provide both names and the date of the name change
  • Any longstanding shortened version or nickname you go by, e.g. Sam > Samantha
  • Your married name if different to your birth name

Download a sample Soul Plan

Click on the image below or follow this link to download a sample soul plan.

Soul Plans

Book your emailable Soul Plan for USD74

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We are based in Benoni, in the east of Johannesburg in South Africa. Pricing in dollars simply allows us to create a safe and easy PayPal payment gateway for our international and distance clients to use when booking sessions.

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