Personalized BioSignature Sets

Personalized BioSignature Sets

BioSignature Sets are personalized collections of symbols and patterns that you carry close to your body to support you in healing, health and vitality.

Simple to use, these little sets of patterns can be printed or drawn onto a piece of paper and carried close to the body, in your wallet or pasted up anywhere you would like them to take effect, offering protection and supporting your overall health and well being. 

Extensive research conducted into the patterns and shapes that occur in nature has shown that all the patterns contained on the surface of plants, animals and other living systems form an integral part of the total energy system of the life form.

Most alternative medical and healing practices recognize and work with the existence of a central and peripheral energy system in the body.

These surface patterns on the organism are related to the peripheral energy flow on the surface of the body, which interacts with the external environment to adapt the central energy system to external changes.

A simple example of this peripheral interaction with your central nervous system is touching a hot plate, and your brain causing you to jerk your hand away. The outside of your body sensed something in the external environment that caused an internal reaction to protect you.

BioSignatures takes that whole process onto a whole new level and uses it backwards to stimulate healing.

How does it work?

Dr Ibrahim Karim and his team at BioGeometry have found that certain shapes can support specific aspects or parts of the body during the healing process.

By simply placing the shape close to your body you can benefit from energy support aimed at the specific area you are working with, to stimulate and promote healing and well being.

BioSignature practitioners utilize their expertise and knowledge of the body's energy anatomy to determine the right combination for each client.

Each BioSignature is drawn from a database built over the 30 years of research and testing, and because they work with resonance, no signature can adversely affect you - your body will simply ignore what it doesn't need.

Medical Disclaimer

Note that BioSignatures should only be used as a support to medical treatment and are in themselves not intended for medical treatment whatever results the energy balance brings.

No medication or any form of medical treatment should be stopped without the permission of your medical practitioner.

Free BioSignature Sample

In order for you to try the amazing efficacy of BioSignatures for yourself, we've included a free sample for you to download and use.

This set is for general health and well-being and can be used for any application. Simply download the PDF, print the page out and cut the squares out. Place the squares in your wallet, bag, near your bed, in your pocket, under your desk or chair. The closer you keep them to you the better. Laminating the cards before use will make them durable.

Click here to download your free BioSignature Sample Set

BioSignature Options

We offer two options for BioSignatures, one with consultation and one for known problems, if you already know where the issue lies.

For known illnesses and issues

If you already know what your health issue is and would like to obtain a BioSignature set to address that issue, then please supply us with a recent head shot of the person requiring them and the problem that needs to be addressed.

In return you will receive a personalized BioSignature set to address the specific issue, as well as a number of general supporting BioSignatures to assist the full body energy system.

The cost for this is USD 45 or R350 for distance sessions, and R320 if you attend an appointment at our premises.

With consultation, where the cause is unknown

If you do not know the cause of your current illness or condition and require us to consult and determine what is going on for you, then this is the option for you. 

Please provide a recent head shot of the person to be diagnosed.

We will use this to evaluate the energy of your body and determine whether any aspect of the body requires specific energetic support.

We'll then send you a personalized BioSignature set to address the specific support your body needs, as well as a number of general supporting signatures to support your full body energy system.

The cost for this is USD 70 or R550 for distance sessions and R530 for an appointment at our premises.

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Personalized BioSignature Sets for USD45 or USD70

USD 45 without diagnosis and USD 70 with diagnosis.

We are based in South Africa

We are based in Benoni, in the east of Johannesburg in South Africa. Pricing in dollars simply allows us to create a safe and easy PayPal payment gateway for our international and distance clients to use when booking sessions.

If you are a South African client who would like to pay in person or via EFT, please visit the Bookings & Payments page to see our pricing in Rands, or contact us to obtain our banking details for direct deposits.