What can you expect from a distance session?

Distance Sessions

What can you expect before, during and after a distance energy healing session and how does it work?

Sometimes, due to incapacity, medical circumstances or geographical distance, you are unable to attend a session in person. In this case, a distance healing session can be done.

Safe for people of all ages, children and babies, and animals, distance sessions only require the permission of the person being worked on and a recent photograph of them.

In cases where the person is unable to give permission due to incapacity or age, or the healing work required is for an animal, then the next of kin, parent, guardian or owner may give permission. The practitioner will ask permission of the recipient before beginning the session as well.

What can you expect from a distance session?

Distance sessions follow the same format as an in person session - except you're not physically in the room.

As with in person sessions, you may feel rumbles and bubbles and may feel a little tired or unfocused while the session is being run. For the most part, you probably won't even be aware that the session is taking place.

Once the session is done, feedback will be given to you telephonically or via email.


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