Safe and suitable for people and animals of all ages, and effective in alleviating the symptoms of chronic and acute medical conditions, BodyTalk is a non-invasive natural healing modality that stimulates your body's innate ability to balance and heal itself on all levels.

In a healthy, harmonious body, every system, cell and atom are in constant communication with each other. However, day-to-day stresses can disrupt this flow of communication, leading to situations where you feel physical, mental or emotional dis-ease.

BodyTalk is a simple tapping process that aids your body to repair and reconnect these lines of communication, allowing you to function at optimal levels, repair and prevent dis-ease and accelerate your natural healing process. 

BodyTalk also incorporates principles and knowledge from many well-known alternative therapies, including Chinese Medicine, Kinesiology, Reiki, Meridians, Chakras and many more.

How does BodyTalk work?

The concept of tapping in order to promote balance, harmony, health and healing has been used by many indigenous and alternative healing practices over the centuries.

In a nutshell, BodyTalk uses tapping on the brain to stimulate it to fix the communication circuits, while tapping on the heart activates your body to store the fix.

Like many of the traditional healing practices, BodyTalk does not diagnose, prescribe or treat the symptoms of an illness, rather focusing on addressing the cause of dis-ease directly, whether that cause be mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.

Over time, your body will remember and build on the previously stored fixes, and your healing experience will grow exponentially with every session you have. You will also probably find that even the simplest of sessions can yield quite profound results.

As a result, many clients have been able to completely eliminate the need for chronic medications and even cure seemingly incurable diseases.

What can BodyTalk be used for? 


BodyTalk can be used as a standalone to treat your whole system, or as a complement to modern medicine or other healing modalities:

  • Chronic & Acute Medical Conditions
  • Stress
  • Back pain
  • Allergies
  • Viruses
  • Headaches
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Depression
  • Arthritis
  • Sports Performance
  • Sports Injuries
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Endocrine Disorders
  • Addictions
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer & Leukemia
  • And many more

What can you expect from a BodyTalk session?

BodyTalk sessions last between 25 and 45 minutes, can be done in person or over distance, and take place with the client fully clothed.

After a short time spent discussing your health status and any personal issues you'd like to address, you will relax, and perhaps even fall asleep, on the practitioner's treatment table. 

The practitioner will then gently pull on one of your arms to establish a yes/no communication with your body. This process is called neuromuscular biofeedback and is similar to applied kinesiology.

The practitioner then uses the yes/no feedback to determine which communication circuits have become disrupted, and will tap on the brain and heart to re-establish these communication circuits and anchor the healing process in place. 

Once your session is complete, you may require 24 to 72 hours for it to fully integrate into your system. Most clients experience results and relief within 24 to 48 hours.

Is BodyTalk safe for children and animals?

BodyTalk can be used safely on people and animals of all ages and can be applied to almost any condition you may be experiencing.

BodyTalk is easily integrated into traditional medicine to enhance it's efficacy and may also be used as a standalone treatment. 

Sessions can be performed in person or over distance, depending on your location and even the urgency of treatment. Click here to read more about distance sessions.

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