What are the benefits of balancing your body, mind & soul?

Benefits of balancing your body, mind & soul

Think of your energy like the water in a bucket.

Now, to that bucket we add just a couple of drops of a flavoring - maybe something fruity or even spicy or traditional, say apple, cinnamon or vanilla.

Now empty the bucket into the barrel of water that's standing next to it.

Even if you take a full bucket of water out of that barrel, you'll never have exactly what you had the first time - the water in the barrel and bucket changed each other.

The same thing takes place with your energy when you're out in the world.

In order for you to participate in the world, the energies have to flow through and around you. Your energy has to flow to others, around them, interacting with them, changing them and being changed by them. This isn't just limited to people though, with energy sources like electricity and electromagnetic, wi-fi and cellular networks impacting our systems too, both positively and negatively.

No matter how healthily and in balance you live your life, there are energies and experiences out there that impact you, change you, influencing what happens in your system and how you behave. 

Similarly, changes in your own life and routine can also impact you:

  • diet & nutrition;
  • sub-standard water;
  • unhappy relationships;
  • trauma;
  • shock;
  • grief;
  • depression;
  • overwork;
  • divorce;
  • deaths in the family;
  • retrenchment or loss of a job.

Our environment also comes into play, with the constant electronic smog we're exposed to from cellphones, wi-fi, televsion, radio, computers and so much more.

All of these elements combine to overload our systems, causing our energetic pathways to become corrupted and blocked. Over time we begin to feel worn out and worn down - and just not able to function as well as we should and could.

Over the long term, dis-ease and viruses take hold, but our battered immune systems are often too broken down to fight these effectively, leaving us tied to chronic medication and in the grip of apparently incurable dis-ease.

Energy healing modalities like ReikiBodyTalk help your body find it's own natural balance again, by simply identifying blockages and interruptions and assisting the body in releasing these, enabling your body to realign and re-energize itself and its energy systems and utilize its innate wisdom to correct the dis-ease.

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