Earth Energy Line Case Feedback

In early June I worked on a house where a couple and their adult daughter stayed.

The mother was concerned about the energy of the house, especially since about four years ago.

On investigation it was found that the house is very seriously stressed from eight detrimental lines, with only one significant beneficial line.

There was one quadruple crossing, three triple crossings, and five double crossings on the property, with the one triple crossing being in the lounge and below the daughter’s bedroom which was upstairs.

One of the lines of this crossing was a Benker grid and it went through the husband’s side of the bed in their bedroom and just missed the foot of the daughters bed.

The husband was struggling with his health and energy levels and this would explain the reason, at least to a significant extent.

The general energy quality of the house, prior to any work being done, was quite poor despite the house being immaculate.

Six of the crossings were worked on, as well as a measure of harmonizing of the lounge where the one triple crossing was.

The energy quality of the house improved significantly to a level where it would now support the inhabitants, rather than being detrimental.

I was able to draw down a Google photograph from December 2009 and checked the line qualities that were present then.

Three of the current eight detrimental lines were still beneficial then, resulting in four beneficial and five detrimental lines impacting the house versus the current one beneficial and eight detrimental lines.

This would explain the significant drop in energy quality of the house sometime after this date as reported by the owners.

The change in the lines from beneficial to detrimental was in all probability due to ongoing building development in the area and again highlights our impact our activities have on our living environment.