Earth Energy Line Case Feedback

In early June I worked on a house where a couple and their adult daughter stayed.

The mother was concerned about the energy of the house, especially since about four years ago.

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After Environmental Harmonizing

Interesting Development In Home After Environmental Harmonizing

Two weeks ago environmental energy balancing was undertaken on a home and property.

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Highway Accident Point

Highway Accident Point Identified As Having Serious Detrimental Earth Energy Zone

A past colleague requested an investigation into a stretch of a very busy major freeway in the Johannesburg area in South Africa. He did not give the exact location of the spot that he felt “uncomfortable” driving through.

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Successful Presentations held in Benoni

20 April 2015

Two successful presentations to the public took place on 28th March and 19th April respectively.

It is apparent that increasing numbers of people are taking cognizance of the detrimental impact that subtle environmental energies are having on our health.

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Dealing with Shock & Trauma

The thing about shock and trauma is that it’s, well, shocking really.

As the news of a shocking event hits you, a number of symptoms may become apparent.

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3 Powerful Forgiveness Tools

Forgiveness is a difficult thing to do, a difficult thing to achieve and it’s very often not something that will go away with one session or one approach.

You have to chip away at it repeatedly sometimes.

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