After Environmental Harmonizing

Interesting Development In Home After Environmental Harmonizing

Two weeks ago environmental energy balancing was undertaken on a home and property.

The detrimental energy lines were harmonized, the bedrooms and living area were harmonized, and the perimeter of the property was balanced.

An additional “overall” balancing was undertaken on the property.

What has been interesting in the period since then is that:

  1. The swimming pool clarity improved beyond anything ever seen in the preceding four years of occupation by the owner. (It is in fact being “neglected” by the owner as it seemed not to need attention)

    Swimming Pool

  2. The birdbath/pond clarity improved without additional attention.


  3. A beautiful Eagle Owl moved in. The awesome part is that it is very comfortable and very tolerant with respect to the occupants presence, allowing approach to within 3m without any sign of distress.

    Eagle Owl