About Us

Learn more about energy healing, balancing and space clearing with Ian, Irene and Sam Graupner.

As a family of dedicated healing practitioners, Ian, Irene and Sam are passionate about helping people understand and mitigate the effects of negative energies and the stresses of our modern lifestyle.

Each with their own particular offering and area of expertise, the family works cooperatively to find holistic solutions that truly impact and improve the lives of all their clients, taking into account the types and degrees of energy work the client is comfortable experiencing.

"We are wonderfully blessed to have a family with a good working knowledge of the subtle energies that affect us daily, as well as the impact of disruption to the body's healthy functioning when its energy systems are interfered with or blocked.

We take the opportunity to positively impact the lives of our clients who are in pain or dis-ease as a blessing and serious vocation.

We look forward to welcoming you into our family of happy clients."

Ian Graupner
  • Richard Ian Graupner

    Richard Ian Graupner

    BSc Eng (Chemical), Pr Eng A Professional Chemical Engineer by trade, Ian began his journey into the healing arts over
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  • Irene Graupner

    Irene Graupner

    A truly talented healer, Irene really lives her work and calling passionately, dedicating her time and energy to caring for
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  • Sam Graupner

    Sam Graupner

    BPsych (Univ. of Pretoria) Exposed to alternative healing practices from birth, it's no surprise that Sam has chosen to dedicate
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