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Welcome to Balanced Body Energy

Energy Healing & BalancingToday's hectic modern lifestyle, with its many stressors and environmental hazards, can play havoc with your health and well being, leaving you prone to short term illnesses such as viruses and long-term effects, such as cancers, chronic fatigue and the need for ongoing or chronic medications.

Our passion is assisting people who are struggling with all sorts of stress, fatigue, dis-ease and illness. 

We'll also work alongside you to find and release the emotional, mental and spiritual causes of your dis-ease or dis-comfort, and will support ongoing treatments for medical conditions using non-invasive therapies that will not interfere with your chosen medical regimen.

Over time, you'll see improvements in your general health and well being, as well as find yourself more equipped to deal with the pressures of daily living. 

As your body, mind and soul come more into harmony and balance, you'll find yourself living a happier, more fulfilled life in which you are inspired, motivated and energized to go after the life of your dreams, have healthy and fulfilling relationships and live each day with joy and excitement.


To learn more about the benefits of balancing your body, mind & soul, click here

To learn more about the benefits of clearing and balancing your office & home environments, click here

To view what our happy clients have to say, click here



Reiki is a non-invasive energy healing modality that can improve your overall health & well being. Read More


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Earth energy lines

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Life Coaching

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